Allauddin Khilji, waiting for Rani Padmavati (part 8)

Allauddin Khilji, waiting for Rani Padmavati

It is said that lust and greed take the wisdom of the mind. This is what happened with Alauddin Khilji. When Chitador Fort opened the doors one after another, hundreds of guardians started to come out instead of one. When it was asked why so many parents were with it, then Allauddin Khilji was replied that this is a special convoy of Queen Padmavati who always goes with her. Alauddin Khilji Rani was so fascinated by Padmavati that he did not even consider it necessary to check that all the guardians stopped and saw that they are actually slaves in them. And in this way, a complete fighter squadron of Chittor came out of the fort in the women's disguise. In a short time, Alauddin Khilji, separated the palanquin from Rani Padmavati and wanted to dilute the curtain and showcase them. So Rajput Senapura Gaura out of that, and he attacked. Chittoor soldiers also attacked at that time and in the confusions there, Badal liberated Raja Raval Ratna Singh and took him on a stolen horse from the stables of Alauddin Khilji and brought it safely inside the Chittor Fort. In this battle, all warriors who came out with Rajput Senator Gaura and Palaki were martyred.
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